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Do you have a feeling that your corporate system is rather fragmented?
Is your system too complex and unwieldy?
Is it difficult for you to obtain information?

Who We Are and What We Do

Vision Praha s.r.o. specializes in development, implementation, and servicing of software designed for managing economics and production for companies doing business in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. We have been operating at these markets since 1992 and over that time we have built an extensive network of clientele consisting of hundreds of customers. Today, we are an important supplier of information systems within the segment of mid-size and large companies.

The main product in our line is the successful ERP system Vision32. While developing the system, we used proven client-server technology, with which we have had a great deal of experience. As one of the few companies on the market, we offered it even at the beginning of the 1990’s – the financial and production system Oskar® was based on it. For data administration and storage we use the multi-platform SQL database (Sybase SQL) for the server, and the clients’ side of the system uses the Windows interface (XP, Vista).

We place great emphasis on the high quality of the product as well as on the quality of the implementation and subsequent servicing. The quality management corresponds with the standard ISO 9001:2000 and is certified by the company Det Norske Veritas. Experienced consultants able to transfer their long-standing experience execute the implementation. They will help you with optimizing the basic processes and with using the data obtained from the ERP system, which will lead to improved company management. We manage the system implementation on a project basis.

We can also function as the system integrator. Thus we will ensure efficient use of all currently used IT sources and coordination of all suppliers. The system integration usually includes complete deliveries of the necessary hardware equipment, deliveries of various specialized solutions, provision of communication bridges with third parties’ software, etc.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are a stable Czech company with a 15-year tradition on the Czech market.
  • Our main goal is the top quality of our work and your satisfaction.
  • From our experience, your requirements could be divided into two basic categories – those shared by almost all clients, and the specific ones only you have. We have been carefully monitoring and satisfying the first category for years, and we take into consideration the other type of requirements, analyze them, and execute them.

What Is Our Main Product Like? - The ERP System Vision32

The financial and production system Vision32 is software equipment intended for mid-size and larger companies. Thanks to its scope and possibilities, it is an ideal solution for demanding customers. When developing the system, we have placed emphasis on clarity and ergonomics while maintaining the standards common within the Windows interface. The product complies with both Czech and Slovak legislation. The system can help you manage the following areas:

  • Financial and tax accounting
  • Financial controlling
  • Asset records
  • Payroll and personnel
  • Attendance registration
  • Warehouse management
  • Demands and purchase
  • CRM
  • Order and project management
  • Technical preparation of production
  • Manufacturing management
  • Production planning
  • Meeting planning
  • Document administration
  • Workflow

Modular concept of the system. The system functions are divided into separate sections, out of which you can select a combination of necessary tasks. You can build your system step by step, without major initial investment.

User interface. The data you work with is displayed in a chart. You can classify or filter the data, look up records according to various criteria, import data into Excel, etc. We just want you to be able to view the information straight away, without having to print out complex reports. You can enter the data via the input form, which is always designed to save you unnecessary clicking and, at the same time, will notify you about erroneous inputs.

The “customization“, or the user adaptation, is on a very high level and goes vastly beyond the possibilities of ERP systems within the same price point. You can modify any configuration and build any other print output. You can modify the data input forms; you can modify the data browsers, you can write your own functions and extend the data structure, import foreign data, and export your own data into other structures.

The system processes the data “on-line“, which increases the clarity and comfort when processing any agenda. You will always see immediately the effect of any operation or any modifications to the managed process status.

Activity. Our application can be active. For instance, you do not need to find out whether there are any debts. The system is able to detect it and will notify you immediately.

Integration of individual tasks. The individual parts are so interconnected that if you, for instance, look at an issued invoice and would like to know more information, you do not have to start one module after another just to find out whether the supplier owes you anything, or what you have sold to them within the past two years, or even who checked the product during production dispatch. You will be able to reach all this information simply from the invoice.

Data safety. The data is safeguarded against misuse and protected with a dual layered system of access rights that are granted to users, or groups of users. On the server side it is possible to allocate individual employees with combinations of authorizations for basic operations with data. Any groups or individuals other than registered users are fully blocked from accessing the database and signing in the system.

Outputs and configuration creation. The Vision32 system offers its own Print Output Designer – this is an integral part of the system. With the designer, the user can control both data sources and output design – it is possible to enter charts, barcodes, images, graphic materials, etc. Every configuration defined by a user can be distributed to selected users via access rights; the outputs can also be allocated to concrete agendas. Data exports form a separate chapter. The system makes it possible for every complete output to be printed out, e-mailed, or exported in several of the most frequently used formats (html, rtf, pdf, xls, jpg, bmp, gif, wmf, emf).

Language interface. The system is equipped with Czech, Slovak, English, and German language user interfaces.

User support. While you are using the system, we are happy to draft an offer for you concerning any system improvement or extension at all times. We will also help you to further train the existing users or give the full training to brand new users. We will be happy to solve your problems at a personal meeting or via technology – we can execute many minor changes in configuration, inquiries, interventions into the system, etc. with the help of remote administration. You do not need to purchase the remote administration and it does not require complicated installation. The only prerequisite is to be connected to the Internet. The implementation can be executed almost immediately, without any costly travelling. You can also use the extensive knowledge database of experience, tips, and advice on how to get the best out of the system, which is available on our corporate website. Furthermore, we organize regularly scheduled trainings where users learn about innovations or about the impact of legislative amendments on the system.