We offer you a possibility to leave the maintenance of your accounting in the hands of specialists who deal with this issue on a long term basis. You can focus on things which are important to you and leave the concern for accounting, taxes and related items in our hands.

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Do you want your wages to be processed without the employees to know about each other's earnings? We provide security for your agenda. There is also a possibility of salary and wage payout from our bank account...

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Our company offers you tax accounting management from the hands of specialists who deals with this issue on a long term basis and work under the supervision of the first tax consultant in Moravia who is a leader of Accounting section of Chamber of Tax Consultants of CR...

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We offer you the possibility to entrust us with the audit of your final accounts including year-end report audit and report on relationships between the related parties of the company. We offer reasonable price for high quality audit in combination with high level of knowledge.

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