“The secret of success is to make ordinary things extraordinary.”

We offer you a possibility to leave the maintenance of your accounting in the hands of specialists who deal with this issue on a long term basis. Cooperating with our company you will have a possibility to focus on things which are important to you and leave the concern for accounting, taxes and related items in our hands.

You can fully rely on us.

We will always do out best for you. We can also introduce you to other specialists in this field, e.g. VAT, Commercial code, etc. If we consider the problem to be very complicated.
We offer consulting and also arranging possible transactions according to the Commercial code as e.g. continuous deposits, company transformations i.e. Division, separation, assets transfer on the partner, change of legal form.

Consulting in other fields which you come across in your business life. We arrange and evaluate your tax and accounting possibilities and possible risks of changes planned.

We will provide you with the best information.

Our activity is significantly insured and thankfully this fact did not have to be used so far.

In which situation it is best for you to use external accounting support – when you do not know what to do next?

  • Your reliable accountant is just preparing for maternity leave of retirement
  • You have just founded a company, with you and one operating worker and employing a qualified accountant is not convenient for you so far
  • You have just had an inspection from the Tax revenue office and the results are not very positive
  • Nobody is leaving, you have not just founded a new company, no inspection and still you feel that your accounting output is not satisfying, it is incomplete and out of date.

Why choose our firm?

  • We offer a possibility of on-line support for your accounting services and you can keep the contacts with all the significant inputs and outputs e.g. bank transactions list, debtors/creditors survey, actual assets situation. With us you have an opportunity to issue invoices in your firm, or keep the contacts with your bank or cash desk and the rest is on us.
  • We will make a model just for you.
  • We offer quality which you need not have if you employ your own accountant.
  • If you employ an accountant, compensatory damages are limited by the Labour Code. We guarantee full reparation.
  • You will not need other consultants, more software and its maintenance expenses.
  • For our services we offer price, which does not charge more than you paid until now.
  • As a user, your data is accessible and under control even it is maintained externally.
  • As a user you cannot only access your data fully at all times, you can also print and analyse.
  • You will save the expenses connected to a staff and their professional development.
  • We provide your data archiving and entire service.

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