“Time is the greatest expense.”

Did you know that many firms do not use common tools for optimising?

We offer you the possibility to leave your tax records in the hands of specialists who work under the supervision of the first tax consultant in Moravia who also deals with methodical activity and to the date is the head of Accounts section of CTC CR, is a member of committee for methodology CA CR and has also been a quarrant for examinations for tax consultants in the area of accounting since 2001 (see www for more...) To this day the company employ two tax consultants and are bringing up other tax consultants as well.

We will provide correct maintenance of all kinds of taxes, we specialize in legal entities income tax.

We offer consulting and also arranging possible transactions according to the Commercial code as e.g. continuous deposits, company transformations i.e. Division, separation, assets transfer on the partner, change of legal form.

Consulting in other fields which you come across in your business life. We arrange and evaluate your tax and accounting possibilities and possible risks of changes planned.

Why choose our firm?

  • We offer high quality processing of all kinds of tax returns.
  • We offer consulting all your transactions and visions planned, we will provide tax optimising, we will evaluate possibilities and risks.
  • We use all tax possibilities, which are allowed by tax regulations of CR.
  • We study not only Czech legislation but also the international tax legislation.
  • We will solve all your tax issues correctly.
  • Our insurance for possible damages is high which we did not have to use until now, our work is thus without any risks.


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