Ethics Code

Ethics Code of the Chamber of Tax Consultants of the Czech Republic

Ethics code of the CTC (hereafter „code“), approved by General meeting of CTC, is based on an enactment of tax consulting in the Czech Republic stated by the Law no. 523/1992 Sb., on tax consulting and Chamber of tax consultants of the Czech Republic, further from the principle of professional ethics which is defined in the code of Confédération Fiscale Européenne, organization for tax consulting in Europe.
The Code is thus one of the fundamental documents defining the rules of providing tax consulting. Its aim is to state ethics requirements and ensure keeping high professional and moral standards in the area of tax consulting.

Ethics code of Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic

This ethics code for auditors and certified accountants defines ethics requirements for auditors/certified accountants. Member organizations of IFAC must not require less strict standards than the ones stated in the Code.
CACR is IFAC member and accepted this Ethics code for all their members.


Stáhnout souborEthics code of chamber of auditors of the Czech Republic (PDF, 722 kB)

Stáhnout souborEthics code of chamber of auditors od the Czech Republic – Appendix no 1 (PDF, 144 kB)